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MasterPeace is a global movement of a network of social organizations, activists, and artists, seeking to make a difference in schools, streets, communities, and cities ranging from Katmandu, Nairobi, and Utrecht to Medellin. We are active in more than 45 countries, building peace initiatives through the arts, teaching, and cultural expressions focused on generating positive and tangible change.

ACT -Artists create together- is an international program of MasterPeace, focused on social sustainability, implemented in Colombia since 2019 in the cities of Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, and Barranquilla under the ¡ACTúa! Model, developed by the clubs present in these four cities.

What is ACTúa!?

ACTúa! is a route where the community transits in open and pluralistic civic spaces. During the journey, the actors meet and co-create tools from various artistic disciplines accompanied by popular education, community laboratories, cultural clubs, and festivals, guaranteeing their understanding and implementation.

Our main objective as ¡ACTúa! is to empower teams, communities, and social entrepreneurship projects to transform their lives and build new perspectives using culture to connect, heal and create better living conditions.

We aim to transform Colombia into a more inclusive and just society with a culture of peace through art.




Arts for Healing

Movement heals, so in this creative laboratory that uses body language, art, play, and dialogue, we identify needs, create tools that address common local problems, and promote a culture of peace and reconstruction of the social fabric.

Here, participants will come into contact with their bodies, each other, and the territory to increase participation and community autonomy and improve social cohesion.




A popular school of human and constitutional rights will come to your community, providing theater and radio training to give you new tools and thus strengthen the main citizenship competencies. 

ARTucation is a scenario in which the participants, through sound narratives, find their voice to participate with their artistic expressions, ideas, and expressions. Thus, they become true social actors, promoters of art and peace.


4Mental Fest

The communities take their creativity to another level with this emotional literacy festival, which promotes local artistic initiatives with the help of leaders and social managers, whose mission is to change dysfunctional dynamics by managing emotions and reducing individual and collective violent conflicts. 

Here the agents of change learn to know and manage their emotions and then share this knowledge with their communities, teaching them to express their feelings healthily through art. From their creations, an art festival full of theater, dance, writing, music, and peace takes place!

Peace Neighborhoods

This methodology develops cultural clubs under a model of artistic entrepreneurship, strengthening and empowering the different neighborhood communities to build a culture of peace through play, creative skills, advocacy, and community action.

We built peace from home, so in this methodology, we create an inclusive and resilient environment for vulnerable groups, exploring through three schools how to consolidate from artistic inspiration an idea of social entrepreneurship, which has an incidence and impact on the entire community.

Together we create peace!

¿Cómo lo hacemos?

This 12-month implementation process in face-to-face and virtual spaces focuses on social intervention and education, using leadership methodologies designed by social intervention experts and art tools to prevent violence.

We partner with potential allies, working as peers with communities, teams, and social initiatives, seeking that many organizations and ventures can strengthen their relationships and autonomy.

We design a route based on four innovative methodologies, which, applied to the community, will strengthen socio-emotional, entrepreneurial, and citizenship skills, leadership skills, and knowledge in civil protection and human rights.

During the tour, the actors meet and co-create tools using various artistic, participatory, innovative, and transformative disciplines, weaving a non-formal education process and other open spaces in the community.

To ensure the correct execution of the project, we carry out constant monitoring and evaluation based on solid indicators that generate evidence to make informed decisions. We also recognize the results obtained in the participating communities, developing learning and new proposals for community work.

Our ACTitude

Several actors are always involved in an issue, and the solution to this problem occurs when a connecting axis intervenes to support and improve the communicative processes. For this reason, our methodologies have a framework of trust and freedom of expression so that the active participation voluntarily promoted by people is in the search for a social transformation towards more equitable, inclusive, peaceful, and just environments.

If you share this vision, now is your time to act! Please support more than 20 communities in Colombia that are committed to peace, helping us implement new social development models that impact vulnerable communities and contribute to the construction of a stable and lasting peace.

Training of trainers

With this initiative, we seek to train leaders or social organizations that want to transform their community using the methodologies of ¡ACTúa!, offering them the possibility of creating processes and tools that allow them to prevent, identify or mitigate the impact of the social problems they face.

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