Creating peace through art

In 2019 in Colombia, ACTúa was born, a Masterpeace program composed of four methodologies. Through tools based on theater, dialogue, play, and movement, we promote spaces and scenarios of community exchange in which we all become Artivists for peace..

This route operates as a map where the community moves through open and pluralistic civic spaces. During the journey, the actors meet and co-create tools from various artistic disciplines, participatory, innovative, and transformative disciplines, creating in the community a process of non-formal education with popular schools, cultural clubs, markets, and other open spaces, in the search for social transformation towards more equitable, inclusive, peaceful and sustainable environments.

Our mission is to provide these methodologies and tools to the communities to continue strengthening their social structures and contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

We built peace by taking action.

Get to know these methodologies and take the first step to becoming an Artivist for peace.

Art for healing

Movement heals, so with this methodology, participants will get in touch with their bodies, others, and the territory to increase participation and community autonomy and improve social cohesion.


It is an arts festival full of theater, dance, writing, music, and peace, created by agents of change and communities who learn to know and manage their emotions.

Barrios de paz

We built peace from home, so participants will learn how to consolidate an idea of social entrepreneurship from artistic inspiration, which has an incidence and impact on the entire community.


Artucation is a popular school where participants can learn about theater, radio, and civil rights to find a voice and participate through art.

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Social entrepreneurship


 Festivals and hackathons

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Gestora de Recursos y Alianzas


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MasterPeace Bogotá

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MasterPeace Cali

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MasterPeace Medellín

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MasterPeace Barranquilla

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